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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Days

Our 6 (or was it 8?) measly inches of snow seem like nothing when looking at the news and snow photos from elsewhere. It was enough, however, to give us two lovely "snow days." I don't even have children in public school and I can appreciate a snow day. On Tuesday, I worked from home and had an incredibly productive day. Caught up on a number of to-do list items, got some writing in just for the joy of it, and even took a swing at the taxes. It went smoothly. The hubby brought his computer home from the office and worked at home too.

Since the whole town was pretty much closed up on Wednesday, we decided to make sure we got some play in with our work. Middle Munchkin and Munchkin Boy and I cleared most of the driveway of snow. I did have moments of wishing we had a smaller driveway, but felt good at the same time to get physical for the sake of doing something (rather than going nowhere on a treadmill, for instance). The snow was not good for snowman building... not even today. Sigh. But we did manage to fill the yard with snow angels and got in a good snow dust fight today.

The family got in a game of Scrabble and a game of SPOONS. The spoon game made me all nostalgic for cousins and days gone by. We even broke our dining room table. (it's not a good game of SPOONS unless something or somebody gets cracked, right?) No worries -- it's an ancient table and it's fixable. If I can't do it with wood glue, I've got Duck Tape!

Munckin #1 took over the camera duty, so I actually have photos of myself playing in the snow. (I think she had this idea it would get her out of shoveling snow.... it did.)

When I look at this picture, I see my dad. Something about physics and lifting. 
It's easier when you stick out your tongue.

Yep, we buried him. Nancy was worried.

Naisey is always happy to be outside, but then she went and picked the snow balls off in MY bed!

Beautiful Nancy. Snow kind of seems to be her element.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I like all your pictures!

LoryKC said...

Two snow days here, followed by two days with "two hour delays."
I love my kids but would never have the patience to homeschool them. After helping with science projects this past weekend, you've never seen a mom happier to see no delays and no cancelations, today!
(Then again, Monday gymnastics don't let out until 9pm and my middle guy's basketball game ended at 8:30pm and I started realizing snow days (and nights!) are good, indeed!)