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Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Quick Doings Report

So the "recovered" novel is still in motion. Very busy week and I'm managing just a few pages a day. Fixing little bits here and there. Have highlighted a couple of chapters I'm contemplating throwing out all together. Still feeling mostly like it's done... but not quite ready to declare it.

This is also the time of year for the Kansas Authors Club yearbook. It is very nearly done, as well. Little bits, here and there. Waiting on a few items from others, but it should be another project that gets wrapped up within a month or so.

And then this is going on... I should be ashamed that I haven't even mentioned hubby's solo endeavor. (And since Cheryl did such a nice job with photos and all, I send you over there to see his new office!) This is a plan that has been a long time setting in motion. It amazes me, really, that it's all coming together just the way we talked about... even before he started law school!

Our winter farmers market is coming along very well. Third market of the season is coming up this weekend and we received a thumbs up on a grant that assures we can start planning for markets through next winter, as well. Some days I feel like this is the job I've been training for my whole life. It's been a good experience and I'm looking forward to making my way through an entire season now, beginning to end. I've always known my thumb wasn't green, but promoting and cheering for those who have green thumbs -- this I can do!

Speaking of green thumbs, my son, who has turned our laundry room into a little greenhouse/worm composting habitat, has discovered a box of 1980s Mother Earth News magazines at the market office. He was looking at them at the library and I mentioned that we had a few copies, since I knew the one issue available for checkout at the library wasn't even going to keep him occupied for the drive home. My aunt recently forwarded him a subscription of Capper's and he's now ready to write the city a letter to see if he can get permission to raise some chickens in the yard. I've told him the front (more like side) yard is his to do as he pleases. I have to admit though, watching him makes me yearn, a little bit, to move the family back to a more rural location. He's young enough he has no real memories of living on the farm. The girls, however, they seem content to trade proximity to a library for a chicken pen.

Now, if only I had something to keep me busy! What to do... What to do?

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