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Monday, October 04, 2010

A Weekend With Writers

Last weekend was the annual Kansas Authors Club Convention and Writing Conference. We met in Lawrence this year and I have to take a moment to report that I had a great time. I don't have a lot of spare moments for extracurricular writing these days, but maybe this step back is just what I need to get things going again. My friend, Shala, joined us for the workshops and she reported "Artists, no matter the media, are weird people! I am in good company today." Maybe that's why I've always found this group so alluring. All those quirky people in one room and they are totally accepting of each other.

Good workshops and some great round-table discussions. I only wish I could have been two places at once... or maybe three, because covering the convention as photographer for the yearbook is fun, as well, but I don't take the time to sit and absorb as much as I used to.

If you are on Facebook, I've been posting pictures and notes from the convention and I hope to do more. Feel free to look up Kansas Authors Club there and plan to join us at next years convention if you have any writerly inclinations at all.

My big Toot Toot my own horn falls under the category of literary contest results.

First 5 pages of a book and synopsis - 1st Place!

Now if I can only master the next 245 pages of the novel!


Anonymous said...

Hurry with those 245 pages. ;) I will buy and read it! Good for you on the first prize!
Magoo's Mom

cheryl said...

First place - nice! Congrats. NaNoWriMo starts in a few weeks. Be there!

LoryKC said...

Awesome! Way to go!!!
(I also look forward to buying and reading ALL of the pages--let me know when!)