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Friday, October 22, 2010

Randomness... from a Facebook Tag

Because why not -- I'm always up for a bit of randomness. Consider yourself tagged if you want to.

1)     I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary this December.

2)     I am dressing up as a sexy witch for Halloween.

3)     It makes me sad when people say kids are too old to dress up for Halloween. I don’t think anyone should ever feel too old to dress up. It’s fun and a little costuming is good for the soul no matter how old you get.

4)     My most consistent goal over my lifetime has probably been to become more athletic than I am.

5)     When I was a kid I had a pet pig named Molly and a lamb named Sally. They both hung out with the family dogs. The lamb even chased cars.

6)     I had half my thyroid removed when I was 24 years old. I find it weird that more people don’t ask about the scar.

7)     The computer I am writing this on is 7 years old. When I bought it, I swore I wouldn’t replace it until I had finished a novel.

8)     When my kids grow up and leave home, I think I will dispose of my house and live in an RV for the rest of my life… assuming I can get the hubby to agree to my plan.

9)     I still think that one day I might like to become a park ranger.

10) I consider myself a creative person who is good with numbers too. I love me a good spread sheet and I get a kick out of charts and graphs.

11) Sometimes I do not know what I am thinking until I write it down.

12) I am trying very hard to not repeat the randomness I’ve written when I’ve done this in the past. I hope you are learning a whole new set of random facts about me.

13) I prefer eating local foods and organic foods, but I will not apologize for any shopping I do at Wal-Mart or other grocery settings. You make choices and you do your best to make ends meet. Enough said.

14) I suppose I’ve always been a believer in psychic abilities, but have been greatly skeptical when I come across people who claim to have them.

15) I recently met a psychic who told me, among other things, that I had a very long life ahead of me. Of the things we talked about, it is this piece of information that I have thought most about and I think, in some odd way, I am greatly relieved.

16) I asked my dad for a horse for my fourteenth birthday. I named her Pegasus.

17) I love to French braid hair. When I was a kid, I was always braiding hair. As an adult, I’m not as comfortable asking, but whenever I see long and lovely hair I still want to braid it.

18) I recently discovered a simple question that has helped me get through personal battles regarding motivation and focus. It is, “What would the person I am in my head do?”

19) The older I get, the more willing I am to write people off as “not worth my time and energy.” Sometimes I worry that this speaks of a pessimism about the world I did not wish to develop. Mostly I think it has freed me up to remain optimistic about the world as I want it to be.

20) I miss slumber parties. Why don’t grown-ups have slumber parties?

21) I wore my black suit on Thursday and it felt good to be in a suit. I should probably take the time to dress up more often.

22) I am a cat person, but somehow I’ve ended up with two dogs.

23) I love the moon. Sometimes I step outside late at night just to see what the moon is doing up there in the sky.

24) I know exactly how I am going to vote on Tuesday – I know every person, and my answer to every question on the ballet.

25) I am the only person left awake in my house tonight.

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