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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kansas, The "Weed" State

What I heard...

"Mom. Will wheat grow in Kansas?"

How have I failed my children? How can they not know that Kansas is the wheat state? How have they missed the fields of gold, the fall harvesting of the wheat, the pictures on the license plates of our vehicles?

"Of course!" I answered. "It grows everywhere in Kansas. We are famous for it. We are the wheat state!"

Munchkin Boy's eyes grow wider and wider.

"Really? We are?"

From Munchkin Number One:
"Mom. He said weed. As in marijuana. Does weeD grow in Kansas?"



bs said...

only under grow lights in the attic!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I once knew a Kansan who grew it in flower beds, as well as someone who grew it in the kitchen window just so they could say they did.

LoryKC said...

I will never forget looking at the local paper in Manhattan, KS. The photographer could not resist sharing a photo of quite a large amount of marijuana plants growing right alongside the parking lot of the local police department!
(So, at least in the middle of Kansas, the plants can flourish. Maybe that will answer your son's question!) ;)

LoryKC said...

(It only took a day or two for another photo to appear in the paper--showing the newly mowed/manicured lawn around the police station!) ;)

Anonymous said...

North Dakota police jailed a juvenile for possession of two grams of "weed." They also jailed a Canadaian farmer who brought in a truckload of wheat. Cellmates, the juvenile misunderstood when the farmer explained that he was charged with bringing wheat illegally across the border. "How much?" the juvenile asked. "Two tons," the farmer replied. "Man," sighed the juvenile, "They'll put you away forever."

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