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Friday, July 02, 2010

Quickie Update

Where to start.... Lots of stuff going on around here and I'm in that rolling with it frame of mind. So all is good. Two youngest munchkins are away at camp. Every once in a while I experience a little ache -- I hope they are having a wonderful time. They always do. I don't know why I ever worry otherwise.

One of our goals this past month was to get all the 4-H projects ready to go before camp. The kids came really, really close. There are a few minor details left... mounting photos and blocking Middle Munchkin's crochet project. Munchkin Boy has an electrical project that we are going to tackle when he gets home from camp. He's done so many things this past year, just looking for something neat to take and display at the fair.

But the big news... the big change... is that I interviewed for and accepted a job (part-time) as the new Farmers' Market Manager. I guess I have spent a lot of time kind of watching the various opportunities for work around here and nothing ever crops up that appeals to me more than freelancing. But this job... it just kind of shouted at me. This is something I really believe in. This is a subject (local foods / sustainable living) that is just part of my internal makeup and the community here is just ripe with enthusiasm. It will be good to become more a part of it. Rather than just flying solo and doing my own thing, I'll be working for the community and promoting something I think is vitally important to our future.

Last evening I went out and whispered sweet nothings to our tomato plants. We tripled the number we planted this year because our yard plots worked so well last year. We don't seem to be having the same success. Have lost several to rabbits(?) or maybe squirrels? A few have died for no apparent reason. We are getting tomatoes, but our vines are not lush and full like they were last year. Some, in fact, look like little tiny stubs sprouting balls of tomatoes, but with very little greenery at all. Anyway, I thought maybe if I talked nice to them they'd perk up. I fed them each a little treat, as well. We'll see if it takes.

I can tell by looking at the calendar that July is going to fly by even more quickly than May or June. Much to look forward to.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation, Tracy! I'm thrilled for you. A perfect fit. I was thinking about your tomatoes earlier today and wondering if you were enjoying any this weekend.