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Sunday, May 02, 2010

First Farmers' Market of the Season!

The weather couldn't have been better for the opening of the Emporia Farmers' Market. I volunteered at the kiosk and the kids worked as Veggie Valets. I brought home eggs, beef, sausage, onions and jam. I wanted to bring home a few more greens, but the goodies were already thinning out by the time I put my shopping hat on.

That's me, by the way, being interviewed on KVOE. Being on the radio was not on my agenda for the morning, but I guess I did okay. AFTER I did my best to pass the job off to anyone else... anyone? Anyone? Where did everybody go? Chuck Samples is a very nice guy and he did ask easy questions. None-the-less, I continue to cringe each time someone has said, "Hey, I heard you on the radio!"

Didn't really take pictures with the idea of sharing, so this isn't a very comprehensive overview. Just a few of the items available at yesterday's Market:

 Lots of starter tomatoes, peppers and herbs if you are inclined to grow your own.

 Baked goods!


Apple wood and local honey.

Rain Barrels! I'm going to have to look into these. 


Anonymous said...

Look at you! I like your new haircut! I think you are an excellent person to interview - especially since you are a wonderful farmer's market supporter. Nice job!

cheryl said...

I was out of town, missed the market and the radio spot. How cool you were on!