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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Doings Report

Munchkin Boy has been building bridges. A friend passed on a K'nex bridge set and he spent about 36 hours doing nothing else. When he wasn't building bridges, he was reading about survival skills. At this point, he's the one we are going to turn to for advice if sort of catastrophe comes our way.

The 4-H group hosted a petting zoo last week. We had no animals to contribute, but Munchkins #1 and #2 spent the day helping out. Middle Munchkin played "a germ" and talked to the kids about the importance of hand washing. She said she got a lot of strange looks. 

Munchkin #1 spent last weekend away in western Kansas. It was strange to think of her there without us in the place we used to call home. It was strange to think of her playing with the little girls she used to play with, and then to think that none of them are really little girls any longer.

The younger two munchkins and I took the adventurous route home from dropping Munchkin #1 to meet her friends from western Kansas. We spent a little bit of time kicking around the town of El Dorado. We were too late to visit the Kansas Oil Museum (I'm intrigued... I think we'll go back), but we enjoyed ourselves and the kids took a lot of pictures.

The friend who gave us the K'nex set also passed on some puzzles and games, so we've been trying out a new game a day and have been putting together puzzles. The puzzles were a nice change of pace. The four us gathered around the table and got in a lot of talking and laughing while we critiqued the puzzle scenes.

The CSA delivery started this week. I didn't even take a picture of the bounty which included a wonderful batch of spinach, lemon balm, a bit of salad broccoli and asparagus. 

Been getting back on the bikes this week. The kids and I are working ourselves up to be truly without a vehicle for a while. We've currently got the "in-town" vehicle, but we are talking about cleaning it up and selling it while it still runs. We're thinking it might bring a few hundred dollars while it will still roll away under its own power.

And hair cuts! It seems to be the season around here. Here's Middle Munchkin's new do:


And I finally broke down and gave that little dog a hair cut. She has eyes again! We can see them!!

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Melissa said...

Great update! Paige had a haircut here today. It is the season. Now if we could do something about Aidan... ;-) Our little doogie needs another trim too. Naisy sure looks nice.