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Monday, March 08, 2010

Welcome Back, Snakes

Ugh. We've seen three snakes in the yard in the last two days. Harmless garter snakes, but they took me by surprise each time. Not enough to make me scream or jump, I just wince and shoo them away. They are surprisingly aggressive little critters and are as likely to stay as flee.  I'm surprised how big and fat they are. Moving a bit slow, but they were definitely out sunning.

I wish we didn't have quite so many snakes in our yard, but I keep telling myself that this must be the sign that spring is truly just around the corner.

Can I pack up the winter coats and gloves and scarves yet?


Anonymous said...

They always gave me a good scare back home. They'd crawl out from under stuff when I was mowing the lawn. Harmless, like you say, but I still don't care for them.

Anonymous said...

That is a sure sign of spring. I am not a fan, but they do have there purpose, I suppose. Melissa