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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Methodical Enthusiasm

So when I last updated our room project, we had drywall up and we were trying to get the insulation blown into the rafters before the end of the year. I had this idea that I would get the room painted, but after the initial round covering the cracks in the drywall, I let my momentum stall and here I sit at the beginning of March with the room pretty much in the same condition it was in on December 31.

Late last week I finally started the ball rolling again. Instead of telling myself to get out the mud and get the room done, however, I've been taking the incremental approach. One day I did just the north wall (which is only about 3 feet high from the top of the patio doors to the ceiling. The next day I tackled two corner seams. It's slow going, but what is finished now looks great because I am taking my time and only focusing on one small part of the wall. As a bonus, I am not suffering from any back or neck aches like I usually get on this sort of project. This tall ceiling would be hell to tackle all at once, but I can manage it one seam at a time.

I think I will be painting by early next week. Then, if I am wise, I will go ahead and get some trim up, at least around the doors. I can already see where we have damaged the wall board. Wear marks show me the preferred places for leaning, at least.

"Methodical" is the color I have chosen for the walls. It's a pale green shade that I hope will hold the room's brightness. "Enthusiasm" is the creamy white color I have selected for the ceiling. I've selected a deep red/brown for the doors to the bathroom and kitchen which I also hope to get painted in this burst of house work.

Methodical Enthusiasm -- once I put the words together, I decided it describes my manner of taking on home improvement projects quite well. Or, at least, the manner it would be best for me to maintain. I keep finding myself standing in the middle of the kitchen, imagining how I could pull out this cabinet and move that cabinet, make a new spot here for the fridge and fix the old spot there in the corner...

One room at a time, I have to remind myself. Let's keep the enthusiasm methodical.

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Sandra Dodd said...

I like that. I will remember that when I work on the shower I've been gradually working on and really do need to finish tiling. (I like that there's a green paint called "methodical," too. )