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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Found on the Camera

It's been many weeks since I downloaded photos from my camera. I took a look this morning and was pleased to find a photo of myself that I absolutely love. That's me with Munchkin Boy, just after the mowhawk, now long gone. What really strikes me is his height -- past my chin! Munchkin #1 is pretty sure she has passed me in height, but I'm not quite convinced. We might be seeing eye to eye. 

I believe Middle Munchkin is responsible for the memories of ice. At least, I hope they are just memories at this point. Above is our back yard. It is unfortunate that we get this lake-like appearance when lots of moisture falls to the ground. With the recent rains, it's still looking very lake-like out there. Not frozen, but certainly wet and muddy.

We enjoyed watching these ice cycles grow each day on the north side of our house as the drips from the roof made them longer and longer each day. Finally, one day we looked out and it had gotten warm enough they'd all fallen to the ground.

And here -- most recent photo -- the cactus in the south window is flowering. The geraniums are in full bloom, as well, but there are no photos of them. Also noted that the tomato plants and peppers we started are just pushing through the soil. I feel an excellent spring coming on.

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