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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snail Mail

I received not one, but two real letters in the mailbox today. Both were handwritten. Both were on beautiful stationary that you can fold and unfold, fold and unfold again.

Unfortunately, they weren't filled with the best of news, but I enjoyed receiving them all the same.

It's a rare treat, an actual letter in the mailbox. I've been dreaming all day about signing off the email and going back to sending pen and paper letters with a stamp.

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Anonymous said...

The struggling USPS would appreciate it if we all sent more personal mail again. With the amount of junk mail I get daily, I can't see how they are losing money at the post office.

My husband's company does business almost exclusively on email anymore. Time sheets and everything. It has eliminated a lot of middle managers which isn't cool. Is this progress?

Magoo's Mom