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Monday, January 04, 2010

Here's a Snowball for You!

Today we go back to work, routine, whatever you want to call it. Hubby has been off since Christmas Eve. It's the longest "time off" I can remember, certainly since we moved to Emporia, and possibly since we moved to Topeka... so something like 5 or 6 years?

It's been blissful. Very relaxing. Having no travel for the holidays is the way to go. My apologies to friends and family we neglected to see, but I think a little vacationing at home is good for the soul.

I've taken the time to "catch up" on some long-neglected tasks. I added about 6 months of photos to my albums. That's not entirely accurate. I have 6 months ready to print and load in the current album... once I find the current album.

We brought in all the books and items that we had boxed and moved to the garage during our room reconstruction. I sorted and ruthlessly tossed/donated/gave away. It's easy to see what you really need and don't need when it's been boxed up and out of site for a few months. I only saved what was truly missed, which means that our shelf-lined dining room is now down to one shelf. One very well-organized shelf. Other stuff that I kept has been sorted onto shelves elsewhere in the house. The best part of the whole project is that every shelf still has just a little bit of room on it, and I hope we've made some patrons to our next local library sale very, very happy. I probably unloaded a good 50 pounds of books. Maybe more, I'm not really sure. It was three trips to the library with hubby and I each carrying at least three of four box loads in with each trip.

I've had to remind myself multiple times about the no-new-resolutions resolution. I keep getting bright ideas, and then quickly remind myself I'm not committing. If it continues to feel right in the moment, I'll get it done.

We woke up to fresh snow over the old snow yesterday morning and it continued coming down gently for much of the day. The kids and I took advantage of the clean sparkle and took the dog out to play for a while. We like to test her tracking skills. She's got quite a nose on her.

I am reminded that my biggest issue this time of year is that I probably don't bundle up well enough for most outings. With double layers of socks and bags over my feet before I put my boots on, double layers of pants, double gloves, thermal shirt covered by a turtle neck covered by a sweatshirt and a coat and scarf... did I mention the stocking cap... I was plenty toasty even for the 10 degree weather. At least, short term.
Middle Munchkin is fortunate to have ski pants that fit. She tells me it's time we took her skiing for real.

Trampoline jumping might not be a good idea in this weather, but it was neat to watch the snow move, especially once they broke the thick layers of ice and shoved them off on the ground.


Sandra Dodd said...

That was fun! I like the trampoline safety note. Kinda "Don't try this at home, but it sure was fun!" :-)

Frank said...

I think snow trampolining looks like fun!