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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Blooming Good Day

Back in November, one of the items on my son's birthday list was seeds. Fortunately, I had a collection. Spring should be fun around our house. I wanted him to have something he didn't have to wait for, however, so I picked up this amaryllis bulb. It's been slow to grow, but it now seems to be thriving in the south window of our laundry room. It's been fascinating to watch the top of the stalks split as these red blooms appear. I'm looking foward to seeing what it looks like in full flower.

On the warm/cold front... it was still not as cold this morning as I had expected. It did feel like the wind was beginning to pick up, however. The snow has drifted up even with the bottom step again. There's a lot of ice and crunch beneath it. There was an article in the paper saying it was the law that we keep our sidewalks cleared. I live on a dead-end street, and most of our sidewalk is so ancient it was absorbed by dirt and grass long before we arrived on the scene. I'm comtemplating buying a real snow shovel, however. We've always gotten away with just a broom and some salt, but shoveling snow is good exercise. Maybe I'll actually give it a go.


cheryl said...

Ah, a blooming bit of spring.

Denali Dragonfly said...

My dad used to give me amaryllis bulbs about 6 weeks before Christmas. If the timing was right, they would blooming on Christmas Day. I miss that. G:-)