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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lovely Distractions

I'm half an article away from being done with work before the holidays and the closer I get, the more difficult I am finding it to focus.

I gave my kids a "job" this morning. I told them each to make a list of what foods they want in the house for the holidays. We don't usually do a big meal, just grazing. So I am now listening to them at the kitchen table, plotting their strategy for requests so that their every want is fulfilled. I'm not about to tell them that was pretty much the plan, anyway. This is too much fun.

"If you put goat cheese, and I put goat cheese, and you put that you REALLY want goat cheese, then we'll be more likely to get it."

And there are additional delights, like little boy, the newest reader in our house, telling his sisters how to spell things. There is a whole new essay just begging to be written!

Head down... fingers on keyboard. Half an article to go.

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bs said...

oh how cute