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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quiz Time

(Those who were there are asked to remain silent until some other folk have had a chance to answer.)

Question: Why did Munchkin Boy make a cake in the shape of a 74 for his 9th birthday?









Here's a hint.


Denali Dragonfly said...

Because his Grandpa shares the same birthday. G:-)

bs said...

A football #.

LoryKC said...

His age added to his grandfather's equals 74?

Tracy said...

Okay -- where are the rest of my players?

But you all are good -- very good!

Yes, 74 is the sum of their ages... and (we didn't know this until Opa saw the cake) it was also Opa's high school football number. What a bonus!

The two of them don't actually share a birth date, just a party this year.