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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busting My Buttons... or, er... at Least Buttons are Being Busted

So those who have followed my career path probably know that I have worked in all manner of writing/editing/print type environments for both work and pleasure. In the last 10 years (give or take a few), I have concentrated on a freelance path that has become gradually more focused over time. My current "elevator speech" involves a considerable amount of ghostwriting.

Being a... ghost... has its advantages (fairly lucrative as far as freelance writing goes) and disadvantages (I don't see my name in print as often).

So yesterday I was checking out some of my client websites, just to see how they were handling my material... I mean, the material that they purchased from me. I'm always curious about the end product. Turns out, one of my clients has gotten some recent news coverage - an appearance/interview on a major news show. I was beyond giddy when I realized that the interview was about an article that had appeared on the client's website.

Yep, it was my article... one I had written in their name. The whole interview was filled with little graphics and bullet points -- my words right up there on the television screen (well, I watched it online).

I had mixed emotions, initially. That's me! Yet not me. But me, none-the-less!

I finally decided... though I really can't share the link... that I'm going to go ahead and let myself swell with a bit of pride.


bs said...

Rah Rah, way to go LS, YIPPEE!!!

cheryl said...

Way cool, Tracy! Congrats! Ask for raise!

LoryKC said...

As well you should!