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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Munchkin turns 11!

Actually, she turned 11 quite a while ago. I am at my "bad mom" best these days as I don't think I've even shared these photos with grandparents yet. We had to wait it out through some weather issues, but did finally find a nice day to get pictures of Middle Munchkin for her birthday. Actually, it started raining on us while we were out, but we got 'em taken.

It's been cool the last few years that MM has had outfits she has made herself for her birthday pictures. This is the tunic (it ended up being a little long, but tunic was the plan) she made for the 4-H fair this year. She loves flowery stuff, just like my mom and my sister. She's got my mom's patience with a sewing machine, as well.

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