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Saturday, September 19, 2009

State Fair

Backing up a few days, I wanted to share some photos from our trip to the State Fair last week. The girls both had items on exhibit. Middle Munchkin got a purple ribbon on her woven rug and a blue on her photo and her wool jumper. She was a little disappointed that she got a red ribbon on her scones, but when I explained that scones are really a foreign food to most Kansans, she felt better about the situation. The judge we had at the county fair had just returned from a trip to England, so she was quite thrilled with the scones and declared them tastier than anything she had eaten while traveling. In short, we figure the judge this round really had no idea about scones and probably judged them as she might a good old farmer's biscuit. It's a little different critter -- no big deal -- and we know the scones are fantastic!

Munchkin #1 had a photo selected by the Kansas 4-H Foundation, which means that she will likely be published in the 4-H journal in the coming year. That was all the news she needed to hear. She was thrilled. Her spinning, weaving, crochet rug, etc, all came in with blue ribbons.

The best part about the fair this year, for me, has been how excited the kids have gotten about making plans for next year. They are each beginning to really develop their own focus. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people they have gotten to know who are open and enthused about letting the kids use their equipment and learn from their expertise. And I'm learning something all the time, as well.

Acrobats on horses! I'm pretty sure this is the same group we saw at Ren Fest last year, but I would watch them over and over again. Gymnastics and horses --- two of my favorite things. All the photos were taken by Munchkin #1.

Since it was wristband day at the carnival, Middle Munchkin and Munchkin Boy spent about six hours of the afternoon riding rides. They tested every ride on the circuit, and then took repeat runs at their favorites. My son just loves this sort of thing. Middle Munchkin has always approached stuff like this with something of a cross between absolute terror and thinking about being ill. I'm never sure if she's really enjoying herself (the look on her face in the midst of the activity would seem to indicate otherwise). She's a kid who likes to be in control, yet she pushes herself to do it again and again.

This was a mild ride... she was actually smiling.
Back to Oscar in the top photo. This robot was an incredible conversationalist. He recited the 4-H pledge, he suggested that my photo was backlit and I'd do better to get on the other side of them, and he turned his head so that I could photograph his "best side." If the kids hadn't been so ready to go, I would have parked myself on a bench and watched him interact with passers by. I enjoyed watching his "voice" as well, once I managed to spy him. Look for the guy talking on the cell phone. He was pretty good. Very discreet.


bs said...

Such fond memories of the Kansas
State Fair, no other like it.

Anonymous said...

You have added some pictures since I first read this post. They are wonderful! The look on K's face on that ride... that's priceless! I'm glad the kids enjoyed ruch success at the fair.

Anonymous said...

Rut row, Raggy! (Channeling Scooby Do!) ruch success = such success!

Tracy said...

Melissa -- you must have viewed right after I posted! I switched computers and added the pictures right away.