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Friday, September 25, 2009

Play Makes the World Go Round

Here's a message we all need to hear more of. This is not a message about raising kids, but a message about the value of play as a lifelong process. I am happy to say that I play more now than I did twenty years ago. I can probably pinpoint the time -- along about junior high -- that I got to "old" for play or starting thinking it was more important to apply myself "seriously" to the tasks in front of me.

Having kids, and choosing to approach education in the manner that we have, has helped me to take on a more playful approach to life, though I hadn't really thought of it in these terms before. But for dealing with depression, or simply being more productive, more satisfied, and more joyful about life -- it seems there are a whole lot of us that good use a good infusion of play into our daily routines.

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