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Monday, August 17, 2009

We traded in our German Shepherd...

For a Chihuahua Ginormous...

Honestly, I hesitated to even show you what I did to our beautiful dog, Nancy. I mean, let's face it... her looks were about all she had going for her.

She needed a haircut. I bought some fancy new shears that were guaranteed to work on all types of hair, even the three layers of long/short/woolly lamb stuff she had going on. She's such a sweetheart. Doesn't mind being groomed or bathed any and every which way. We are hoping this once and for all takes care of any remaining summer flea issues and I'm kind of looking forward to a little less shedding for a while. Until it all grows back, anyway.

I don't think she minds. Less lying around on the air conditioning vents is the major change I've seen in her behavior since the haircut. We've had company since Friday (my sister) and Nancy has been golden. Perhaps a little excitable the first day, but now she's doing just fine. We had my niece here yesterday and she did just fine. Aside from her few requests to be a lap dog, I was very pleased with her behavior.

Here's the most recent "before" picture I have of her. We have better, but this was the one on this computer. This was taken at the dog show that wasn't. Munchkin Girl worked a lot with her this year and had her well trained, but Nancy's nerves just took over and they decided not to stay for the show.

I understand... I'm mostly a homebody, too.

Something about the angle or perspective of this photo is off. Nancy looks rather small next to Munchkin girl. Maybe she (the dog) was slouching. Or maybe I don't realize just how tall that kid has gotten in the last few months!

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Melissa said...

That looks like a good summer haircut! If I sent a current photo of Mario, he would be embarrassed. I cut on him with the scissors... mainly his belly and legs... and I haven't finished the job with shears yet. He looks like a child gave him a haircut. This post gives me incentive to get him finished up today so he could look as nice as Nancy.