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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's the last Sunday of August.

It feels like only moments ago I was looking forward to the fair being over, my sister visiting, a family gathering with good friends, and now all that has passed and I'm staring at the last unchecked box on the calendar.

Middle Munchkin turns eleven tomorrow.

Her brother confided to me that, even though he knows it's not real, he's secretly hoping that M.M. will get her letter from Hogwarts tonight, because then there will be an even greater chance that he will get to go in a couple of years, as well.

We had a houseful of grandparents today with angel food cake and fresh whipped cream with strawberries. We made homemade chocolate ice cream flavored with the mint Middle Munchkin planted in front of the house last spring. Yum.

We have two new beautiful quilts from Grandma Pat. Perfect timing as last night we actually had to shut the windows against the cool of the night air. Brrr.

There are at least a dozen scenes and sentiments I long to capture in photographs and words before time passes, lest the images escape.

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