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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potluck: Is it possible to walk away hungry?

There are some social circles where the art of the potluck has completely fizzled. You might find tubs of store bought beans and coleslaw, a bucket of KFC. Not so with 4-H families. Tonight was the Friends of 4-H Picnic and let me tell you... those people remember how to throw a potluck dinner.

How can you beat four tables worth of food (the dessert ends almost heavier than the meal ends) with at least six versions (that I counted) of cheesy potato goodness? Then you have those meatballs in the creamy mushroom sauce. Yum. A green bean casserole or two. And 17 different kinds of pasta salad (I liked the one with cucumber and onion best). You've got your spicy baked beans and your sweet baked beans. At least one plate of deviled eggs. Many varieties of chocolate cake and brownies. Can't go wrong there. Cookies. Cookies. Cookies. Homemade peach AND apple pie. (My daughter made the peach pie -- she must have gotten some dormant pie gene from a few generations back -- her pies are AWESOME!)

You can't walk away hungry, or even just moderately full. That's what I say. Which is why I sampled a little of everything, then took my plate back to sample some more.

Good stuff... yet I'm glad these potlucks only happen twice a year.


bs said...

The pie gene...a few generations???
I make a mean pie!
well it has been eons ago

heymom said...

I can almost smell it from here....mmmm