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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Post-Camp Bonus for Mom

When I first saw that Munchkin Boy was wearing the same shirt the day I picked him up from camp that I sent him off in, I honestly thought he had probably cycled through all his shirts and had just put on whatever he could find in his suitcase.

Then I noted that his soap hadn't even been opened... and when he came out of the shower at home he was several shades lighter than when he went in.

Unpacking his suitcase, I discovered the shorts and shirts just as we had matched them, all neatly folded together. His clean underwear was also neatly folded and stacked in his suitcase, just the way I had left it. He had gone through every pair of socks. Go figure.

For a minute, I thought he was going to tell me they took the time to do laundry at camp. But instead he said, "They made us take showers before getting into the swimming pool."

These folks are obviously seasoned campers. I bet they had more than one boy wearing the same clothes day after day while at camp. At least showers prior to swimming would knock the top layer of dirt off and keep the pool cleaner.

So a bonus for mom post-camp... less dirty laundry than I expected.


bs said...

And here I have been trying to
keep up with the kid that changes
clothes throughout the day, this would be much easier, hum

heymom said...

Gotta love those boys!!! Thanks for the chuckle!!