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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Belated Birthday Blog to My Hubby

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Guy, my Main Man, my Best Friend and Hubby.

We spread our celebrations out around here, so hubby had already had a special day and then a day with cake and gifts for his birthday well before the actual date rolled around.

On the actual day of his birthday, we took him to a lake in Missouri to camp with friends.

Camping in July is a new experience for my family. We are spring campers.

We like to be out when the days are warm, but the nights are still cool. For this experience, we bought a new tent and psuedo slept in the sauna-like environment of a hot Missouri night. I don't think they believe in breeze in Missouri, unless it comes along with a thunder and lightening storm like we experienced in the wee early hours of the first morning. Talk about your nature experience.

It boomed and rumbled and the lightening flickered all around us. I was so exahusted from being hot and unable to sleep that I pretty much just giggled through each bolt of lightening thinking that surely we were low enough compared to all that was surrounding us that we wouldn't be struck. The tent did it's job of keeping the water out.

Then we spent the day on Saturday on the lake. This made up for the sleep deprivation from the night before. You can find a breeze on the lake, and if that's not enough you simply jump in and swim with the fishes. Our friends had rented a party barge, so we pretty much floated and swam the day away. The kids took turns tubing around the lake behind our friend's speedboat and most of the group took a turn jumping from Chicken Rock.

Because it was his birthday and all, hubby jumped from Chicken Rock a couple of times. That's me below, cheering. He's certainly no chicken. I, on the other hand, did not jump. I really thought I would, but once I got to the top, my whole body said, "this really isn't necessary." So I walked back down and slid into the water gently. No regrets.

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