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Monday, June 29, 2009

When the Children are Away...

... a recap for my daughter who asked, "What are you going to do while we are gone?"

It's only been a few days ago that I was pondering the reality of sending all three of my children off to camp at the same time... wondering how I would cope, worrying (a little) how they would cope, and planning all the ways I was going to spend my time alone at home.

And now the final day sans kids is quickly coming to a close. I'm looking forward to picking them up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the stories, the exhaustion, the naps and the movies they will surely take advantage of as they re-orient themselves at home again.

Did I accomplish what I wanted?

Sure. No house cleaning. Lots of uninterrupted writing time. A bike ride and a couple of nice walks (with hubby and local writing friend, Cheryl).

I spent one evening at the coffee house listening to local singer and song-writer Lisa Moritz play. I spent more time than intended surfing the internet and less time than intended reading. No new news there.

For the most part, it was a very relaxing few days of "me" time, and now I'm glad that it is drawing to a close.

Because the truth is, I live in my ideal world. I make time to do the things I need and the things that please me and I enjoy doing many, if not most of those things with (and without) my kids around. And that seems like the way things should be, no?

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