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Friday, June 05, 2009


I'd almost forgotten about this picture. We took the dogs with us on a hike at the Tall Grass Prairie a couple of weeks ago. This was my Mother's Day/Birthday activity. We didn't get to hike the long trail that we had hoped because it turns out that dogs are only allowed on the short trails, but it was a fun outing for all of us, none-the-less.

Anyway, we have more and more scenes like this at our house, where the two dogs are actually getting along. Miss Nancy (big pup) has calmed considerably even though she still has her moments of severe hyperactivity and she continues to get extremely anxious around company (especially if there is more than one person visiting at a time). Naisey (little pup) has improved since we've given her "no furniture" rules. I guess she needed a little reminding that she is, in fact, a dog as well. I would still characterize her as the grumpy, older dog in the house, but she at least allows Nancy to exist (mostly) without constant scolding.
Nancy's wearing her backpack in this photo. She carries her own bags for cleanup duty and water. It looks like Naisey is without a leash, but it's there. It must be hidden in the grass.

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Melissa said...

Nice to see the pups!