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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I celebrated my birthday last weekend with the family, so my only goal for today was to sleep in.


I was worried for a while that the cat was going to be uncooperative about that, but once she realized I wasn't getting up before the crack of dawn, she settled in and was content to snore away with me for a few daylight hours.

Oddly enough, the first order of the day when I did get up was to do some housecleaning. Little boy started saying last night that it was time to fold some laundry (we had three baskets that were looking rather mountain-like). So when he mentioned it again this morning I said, sure, let's fold laundry. Next thing I knew, Middle Munchkin was there helping to fold, as well.

How do I manage to have kids who not only volunteer, but often prompt me to do chores!?

There's a topic worthy of coverage that I should commit to exploring another day.

I had two other things in mind for my birthday today. First, I was going to make some fresh mint and chocolate chip ice cream. Fellow CSA member, Heather, posted this recipe on her blog and totally inspired me. Good stuff!! I had to make some brownies to go with it, of course. Then I invited Cheryl and Dave over to sit on the porch with me and eat it. My friend Rebecca came too, bringing home Munchkin #1 from an overnight.

Lovely day. A very nice, low-key way to spend the beginning of my 39th year here on earth. Only thing that might have made it better was if all of you had been here. There's still a bit of ice cream left if you hurry!


cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing your birthday ice cream and brownies! Good stuff.

May your year be 39derful!

Melissa said...

Your birtday was lovely! Happy 39!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm so late with birthday wishes. I haven't been online in a few days. Hope it was a good one!