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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Better than Christmas!

Tis the season that the grass starts growing and we start mowing and the harvest starts arriving from our local CSA. Our family made the first delivery run of the year for area Shepherd's Valley customers. Munchkin #1 and I took a friend along for the ride. We had our hearts set on a tour of the farm, so we took one even though it drizzled on us pretty much the whole time.

A very friendly Cuckoo Maran. These are the hens who lay the really dark chocolate brown eggs.

The girls got to bottle feed one of the triplets. Ramona said the momma fed all three for a few weeks, but they started helping to feed the smallest one. It certainly expected a bottle when we walked in the gate. It ran right up to Ramona and looked at her with such pleading lamby eyes that she went back to the house for a bottle while we went on to the barn to look at the kittens.

Ben had a hive that no residents had settled in yet, so he showed us the inside and talked to us about bee habits and preferences. Fascinating little critters, those bees.

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Heather said...

Love the pics! Can't wait to get out to the farm with the kids.