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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Mother Hubbard..

We had somehow reached that empty refrigerator place again and I was seriously dragging my feet about going to the store. Grocery shopping is almost like "date" time for the hubby and I, so I find myself trying to coordinate when both of us are available and the windows have been few. Munchkin #1 had some shopping of her own to do, so she held my hand and we went for the big trip early this morning.

Whew! The cupboard is no longer bare.

Anyway, Middle Muchkin had come up with a new menu item for this week. Actually, it used to be an old stand-by (enchiladas), but for some reason I haven't made them in a long, long time. We had fun making them. She mashed beans for the veggie version while I fried up some ground turkey for the meat-eaters. Then we formed a sort of two-person assembly line for putting them together. It was fun. Hubby is a solitary cook, but I like cooking with company.

Wow! They were yuuuuummmmyy! I don't think I ever made such good enchiladas all on my own. Must be Middle Munchkin's special touch.

Everybody had a full plateful. And then everyone had seconds.

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