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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How a Kid Gets a New Sweater

You remember my favorite new sweater? The one that smells like sheep when it gets wet?

Well I've been quite pleased with the fact that I don't actually have to hand wash it. If I toss it in the wash with cold water on gentle cycle, it does just fine.

That is, until someone throws it in the dryer.

Little boy has become quite enthusiastic about taking on laundry duty of late. He loads; he unloads. It's awesome. As far as I'm concerned, there can never be too much enthusiasm for laundry in a home.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until I was searching for socks this morning that I remembered I had washed my sweater.

And little boy had dried it.

Now I have a beautiful felted sweater that fits Middle Munchkin (age 10).

It's okay -- she needed something warm to wear around the house on these spring days. The zipper's a little big (darn zippers don't shrink), but it's a nice warm sweater and I shall just have to collect extra hugs and snuggles when she's wearing it.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny! I know you will miss your sweater!