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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Timeless Tuesday ~ March 2001

Thought I'd just flip back a few years to the month in question and see what I can pull up for Timeless Tuesday. This week I'll feature 2001. Nothing but little squirts running around the house back then!

I was famous (actually, my mom would always cringe) for just pulling my kids clothes off and letting them sit at the table naked. They were SO much easier to wash that way. They'd finish eating, I'd hose them down, and slip their clean dry clothes right back on them. It must have been cool on this day for Munchkin Boy to have been eating spagetti-something in a white t-shirt!

Munchkin #1 playing outside on a beautiful deep snow day in March.

It looks like we had some sort of tent going on... maybe it was a parking garage for the bike. That quilt Middle Munchkin is peaking under was made by my grandmother. I still have 2 or 3 or her old quilts. I treasure them, though they are really starting to look their age and haven't been out of their storage boxes in a long, long time. My grandmother passed away in 1976.

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