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Monday, March 23, 2009

13 Candles

I am officially the mother of a teenager today. I think it's safe to say that we've both grown quite a bit in the years since we've been introduced. She's this beautiful, amazing, intelligent person -- one of my favorite people in the world to hang out with. And I'm... at least 13 years wiser... I hope.

I had a textbook case of nesting the day before munchkin girl was born. We were living in Houston and my midwife had advised a dozen times, "If you feel like cleaning house, take a nap. You are going to need that energy for labor."

Somehow I didn't recognize the signs. Between noon and midnight on the 22nd, I scrubbed our bathroom AND kitchen from floor to ceiling. I remember taking toothpicks to all the crevices in the stove. Our little place sparkled. I vacuumed, too.

At some point I had the bright idea that I was going to make myself a dress. I bought fabric, cut it out, and had the whole thing stitched together (except for the hem) by the time I went to bed that night. I'm not typically a seamstress, but for some reason that day I was determined to have a brand new dress to wear after the baby was born. It was a nice dress, too. One of my few true successes with the sewing machine. The only problem was that I had to wait a couple of years to wear it, because I hadn't counted on gaining so many inches in my bust line!

We watched KU beat Arizona that evening in the NCAA tournament. They lost in the next round, but the night before Miss Munchkin was born, we were still dreaming that they might become champions.

It was after midnight when we got to bed, and about 1:30 am when I woke up to my first contractions. Talk about a long day. I really wished I had taken that nap advice rather than all that work. The midwife came about 8 am and Miss Munchkin made her appearance just after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. It was a rainy day in Houston, but I hadn't even noticed. Life was all bright and sunshine in my house that day.

At some point during the day we had lost phone service, so the family didn't even learn about the big event until the following morning.

That's what was happening in my life 13 years ago. What an adventure it has been!

Poor kid - her birthday will forever be celebrated along with St. James Day, our family celebration of NCAA basketball season.

The grandparents (my parents) arrived on day 11 to meet their newest grandkid. My mom was thrilled to have another "Texan" in the family. She had been born in Texas, as well, and had fond memories of a few years of her childhood living in Houston.

Today is my birthday! March 23, 1996

Me - 36 weeks pregnant. I look at this picture and all I can think is how much I lovd those shoes. They were mocassins. I wore them until they fell apart. I think it's about time I got some new mocassins, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely! Time to get some new moccasins! And Happy Birthday to E (who, btw, looks a lot like M in the first picture..)! Lovely post.