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Friday, February 20, 2009

Perhaps I've Reached my Technology Peak

Just a few weeks ago I learned to send a text message on my pre-paid wireless phone. I didn't even know I had text messaging ability until I received a text note from a friend, a note I received many days later because I rarely actually have my pre-paid wireless phone turned on.

I carry a cell phone for one convenience -- emergencies -- which means I don't even know the number to it. I have it written down if I need it, but I see no need to clutter my already full head with attempting to memorize a number for a phone I only call out on. I'm doing good to keep my home phone number stored in my head, and generally rely on visual prompts for it, as well.

The purpose of my cell phone is to be able to reach the hubby... or some other helpful entity... should my car break down. I am also likely to use it as a reporting tool since the kids and I spend quite a bit of time on little road trips.

"We're leaving Lawrence at 4:40, going through Ottawa -- see you at home."

I look at it as part courtesy (hubby knows when to have dinner ready on the table) and part safety (should we veer off the road, he'll have a reference point to know when and where to start looking).

You know I was kidding about dinner on the table, right?

In the past few weeks I have also received phone generated notes (via my email, no less) from a couple of my dear friends. Friends whom I love very much, but never would have considered technologically sophisticated.

I know that refusing to carry a cell phone on my body at all times is somewhat of a lifestyle choice, but these notes have really made me stop to think. For the first time in my adult life, I am feeling like I am not the kid on the block with the coolest new toys. Not that it was ever a goal of mine, nor did I ever really score high among serious techies, but I was dialing up BBSes and had an email address long before most of the people I knew. For many years, I was the one everyone came to with questions about what computers to buy and how to do this and that (I still get a surprising amount of how-to questions), but I'm starting to feel like I'm falling behind the curve.

My dad's last computer purchase included a miniature laptop. I'm still lugging around that 15-pound behemoth that hubby bought before he started law school.

And now my friends are emailing me from their cell phones.... or iphones... or blackberry thing-a-majigs (see -- I don't even know the proper terminology anymore).

I may have been at the front of the pack as we were climbing the mountain, but now I'm just sitting up here watching the rest of civilization pass me on by. And don't try to call me on my cell phone to tell me about it. It might be in my pocket, but it's probably not turned on.

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bs said...

With friends, soon they are all on
their cells and I'm setting there
trying to remember life before the
darn things, did people talk to me
back then?