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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tool Using Chimps

I learned a long time ago... but the information still comes to me like its new and fresh on occasion... that if you have a broken-y/needs-fix-it-y problem of any kind -- it is more easily done with the proper tools.

Tools are an investment worth making.

For instance, if you need to change the oil in your car, buy an oil wrench. Sure, you can pound a screwdriver in with a hammer and find a way to twist the darned oil filter off -- but life (at least if you are changing your oil) is so much easier with an oil wrench.

This weekend we invested in a sump pump. And life, this weekend, wasn't nearly as hellacious as I was prepared for it to be. A sump pump is a wonderful tool, I might even say a necessary tool if you have a basement (or pseudo basement such as ours).

I'm still looking forward to the visit from a professional plumber today, but because we were tool using chimps this weekend, at least I won't embarrass myself by flinging open the door and pouncing on him with glee when he arrives.

(Though... I still might tap dance and bake him cookies.)

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