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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Weekend: (without pictures) because I'm too lazy... or maybe just don't want to show you my 2 gray hairs

Spent the weekend with some good friends. On Saturday, four of us went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and had a terrific time. The kids had the option of going, but they all opted out. The middle kids don't get nearly enough time playing and hanging out together and the older kids wanted to hit a movie. So it was just four of us -- adults -- at the museum... and it felt like college again. We wandered through the exhibits laughing and commenting, being inspired and uninspired... until we were tired and hungry. So we headed out to a trendy little cafe on the plaza. We topped off the day with a stroll through a couple of ridiculously overpriced furniture stores. I initially thought the experience was going to be too much for me (people, smells, and that sense of disappointment I sometimes get in humanity when I see the extraordinary amounts of money people are willing to spend on frivolous things), but I took a few yoga breaths and pulled myself together and ended up having a really good time.


Me + Store Browsing = A Good Time (I guess it was the company)

Woke up the next morning to find two solid silver hairs sprouting from my left temple. Ack! Maybe just a little too much culture for the day? Feeling those college oats drained me?

I didn't even pull them out (though it worked the last time I found a gray hair... contrary to myth, two did not grow in its place).


Anonymous said...

I think the drive home from our outing might be responsible for the gray hairs! Cyp owes you! Magoo

Tracy said...

You are so right! Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm absolutely sure it's Cyp's fault. How shall I make him pay? More appletinis?