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Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Little Santas

Confession: I was worried that Christmas would be kind of a bummer this year... that the kids would be disappointed, or that I would feel disappointment because I didn't do more... give more.


It wasn't. We had a great family day today and I am filled with awe, once again, at the generous and wonderful people my kids are growing into.

Gifts were on the lean side this year. We divided our spare cash early in the month and let everybody spend their portions as they saw fit. I know it doesn't seem within the holiday spirit to a lot of people -- but our family has a tendency to lean toward self-selected gifts. We each picked out something we really wanted, and then drew names for Secret Santa within the family to maintain an element of surprise, as well.

I was worried that the sparsity of gifts under the tree might be disappointing, but as it turned out, our tree was loaded. The Munchkins have been at work all month making gifts it seems. We were surprised by all sorts of "extras" under the tree. And the coolest thing was how much thought and effort went into each item.

Hubby and I got homemade bookmarks, for instance, and Middle Munchkin crocheted him a cozy for his Dr. Pepper cans (he drinks a LOT of Dr. Pepper). We all got custom made pillow cases and Munchkin Boy was extremely creative in some of the games he made for the girls (a bowling game made from recycled milk cartons and a sort of "magic eight ball" contraption to help you "make decisions when you ask it questions and stuff"). Hubby and I got a "banner" for our door. Middle Munchkin has apparently been teaching Little Boy to sew and I got a special decorative cloth with my name stitched on it. My daughter signed and dated the back, the sign of a true artist as far as I'm concerned.

It was amazing, really, all the gifts they had managed to stuff under our tree... and their excitement as they watched us open it was almost more than when they opened their own gifts.

Hubby's sister joined us today and we played some games and ate chocolate cake with raspberry filling and mint chocolate chip cookies. Little Boy had planned our holiday meal...mac-n-cheese from a box and sparkling grape beverage. Yum. Really. It was wonderful.

Some pictures from our day:

Our fully loaded tree!

Munchkin Boy brought down his record player so that we could listen to some good old-fashioned Christmas tunes.
Munchkin #1 inspecting the loot.

Little Boy and I had to take a portrait.

It's a Dr. Pepper can cozy for Bubba Hubby.

Middle Munchkin made pillow cases for everyone... with French seams (means there are no raw edges inside - it's beautiful inside and out.

And she picked this fabric for her sister's pillow case. Most of the cases are flannel, but mine is a lovely green and tan cotton. I think it will be the colors I use to repaint our bedroom... one day when repainting our room makes it to the top of the agenda.

Munchkin Boy was THRILLED with his gift from his Secret Santa.

As was Middle Munchkin. This Taylor Swift shirt came complete with color coordinated socks and guitar earrings

Here's my decorative cloth.

And another gift of extreme ingenuity -- this is a "book bag" Middle Munchkin made for her sister.


heymom said...

Your children are amazing!!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! Merry Christmas (a day late)

Anonymous said...

And so are their parents amazing! Love to all, Oma