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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Happy Birthday Day!!!

A 1st Birthday.

An 8th birthday.

A 3rd Birthday.

An 8th Birthday.

A 5th Birthday.

An 8th Birthday.

Yesterday Munchkin boy was telling me about a story his sister was reading to him where the mother put the baby down when it cried instead of rocking it to sleep. The mother wanted the baby to learn that nighttime was for sleeping, he explained. She thought that if she rocked the baby when it cried, it would learn to cry for attention instead of going to sleep.

Both kids agreed that this was crazy kind of logic.

Did you ever know parents who did that, they asked me. And I had to admit that I did.

Then they asked what I did when they were babies. Munchkin #1 was such an easy kid. I'd just carry her around everywhere and she slept when she was tired and was awake when she was not. I had to admit, though, that it took me a while to understand that Munchkin #2 was actually agitated by all my rocking and carrying. She loved being carried -- she was my sling girl -- but when she was tired she would fuss until I put her down. She was the kid who seemed to be relieved to be out of arms sometimes.

Before I got to Munchkin Boy, who was much more like Munchkin #1, he said, "I was a cuddler. I'm still a cuddler."

And he is. He's 8 now, but still my cuddler.

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Happy Happy Birthday!!!!