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Thursday, November 27, 2008


5am - Our 24 pound turkey from Farmer John of Shepherd's Valley.

What a wonderful day of eating, visiting, and playing games with the family. We hosted my sister and brother-in-law, and the hubby's sister and folks for Thanksgiving Day.

Munchkin Boy was happy to have a table full o'players for Pirate Monopoly. They played the "quick" version. The person with the most worth at one hour won. Before the day was over, we'd also played poker and Apples to Apples and watched Kung Fu Panda (it was actually on twice, but with a varied audience each time).

Mr. Tom -- After 6+ hours of cooking.

What's Thanksgiving without a little game of side-yard football? More pictures can be found here.

I have a notebook on my desk where I try to briefly highlight at least three good things about each day before heading to bed.

Today's entries:
  • who love me. I cringe at all the horrible in-law stories I always hear and I have to say that mine have always accepted me and embraced me as one of their own. I truly feel like an accepted and integral part of the family where my in-laws are concerned.
  • sister. My sister is probably my all-time favorite guest. It would be okay with me if she came to hang out at my house every month. She's a cool hostess, too. Her house is the one place I can vacation without getting that itchy, "gotta get home" feeling.
  • ... my family. I know, I'm taking this opportunity to be generically mushy and sappy, but my hubby and my kids are simply the best. Whatever the season, I am always happy just spending time with them. Eating, playing, just hanging out in our separate corners and doing our own thing... I can't imagine living a more satisfying or fulfilling life.

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bs said...

Hang out every month???
You hang out here and
I hang out there
it would be twice a month
(With the kids of course)