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Monday, November 03, 2008

Anticipating November 4th

Every weekend the whole family sits down together to review the calendar and talk about any upcoming events or activities we might like to be involved in. On the most formal of occasions we call this our "family meeting" and it is often accompanied by a homemade waffle breakfast or a sit down meal. Last week was kind of a crazy week, however, with a Halloween party at our house that was rescheduled at the last minute and great-grandma's funeral on the other side of the state on Saturday. So last night we just sat down for a quick review of the what was on the calendar for the week.

When I mentioned voting on Tuesday, all three kids immediately said, "I want to go!!" And then after a bit more conversation it was decided that we'd make an evening of it. Voting. Pizza. Popcorn. I'm pretty sure someone will volunteer to make cookies or brownies. So we will make a little election party of it and watch the results as they come in on Tuesday.

It may seem like a small thing, but I was so touched by their enthusiasm that I nearly wept. Coming from a childhood where politics was never discussed (it wasn't polite -- right up there with religion and whether or not a woman colored or permed her hair), I don't think I was even aware of the election process until high school. I certainly didn't follow the news or know anything about the candidates. (I have some vague memory of a poem or chant about Jimmy Carter being a peanut farmer.)

But I have three kids who are following right along and are excited about keeping an eye on this election. It gives me one of those "must be doing something right" feelings.

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