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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching up on 365s

Perhaps the lesson of the 365 writing exercise is that I have exactly 132 days of endurance for sticking to a single project. That's a bit longer than I expected, to be honest, but I haven't quit. I spent a couple of long weekends in a row away from home and, because I didn't give myself the time to work ahead, I let busy, tired, distracted and various assorted other excuses get in the way. I've had "catching up" on the mind and I will get there.

Is that an adequate excuse?

133/365, Brian
I was as an anxious sophomore walking into that room of seniors and I couldn’t have been luckier to have been paired with you. Together we pasted faces of every kid in school on pages for the yearbook.

134/365, Jeff
You were another friendly senior who showed me that older students didn’t bite. Maybe you were nice because I was all about working on the yearbook rather than socializing, but I like to believe your friendliness was genuine.

135/365, Rose
My introduction to “psychology” went a long, long way in mapping my path. Reconnecting with an old friend matches my feelings, as well. You started me writing the story of my life and I’ve never stopped. Thank you.

136/365, Phyllis (this one is a thank you, and an apology – it just won’t all fit in 38 words)
Now I understand how much you sacrificed letting us work after hours on the yearbook. At the time, I only understood that I was doing something real, unlike the worthless assignments completed day after day for other classes.

137/365, Laura
…my 4-H buddy and horseback riding friend. As we grew a friendly rivalry developed, as well. Working with you taught me how important it was to select partners with skills that were strong in areas I was weak.

138/365, Christa
When I visited your house, you were just another friend’s mother. Now you are a cancer survivor much like my mother was. You told me about the dandelions. Now I think of her when I see them, too.

139/365, Lisa
Two worlds collided when we became friends. You were the beautiful, rich girl who turned every boy’s head. My view of the world was very different, but we worked together well and it was fun while it lasted.

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