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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Rock Climber

A girl thinks long and hard before publishing a picture like this for the "world" to see. It may not be my best side, but the fact that I am 2/3 the way up that climbing wall is enough to make me go ahead and show it off.

I've always wanted to try this. I've watched my kids tackle the "rock" wall again and again for a number of years, but have always found excuses to keep my own feet on the ground. Maybe I'm too busy taking pictures or just don't want to look silly by joining the crowds of kids who typically frequent these things.

While in Illinois, I decided it was time to get over myself and just do it. So I cinched up the little harness thing and began to climb. It was harder than I expected, yet I was pleasantly surprised at how far I was able to climb.

... until I looked down.

Then I began to feel sick and had images of myself stranded up there. I wonder if they would call a fire truck in to get a lady peeled off the top of the rock climbing wall?

Anyway, I had trouble letting go (as the boy suggested) to just drop to the bottom. Though I knew the cable had greatly slowed the descent of my children, I was quite sure that with my weight it would simply zip me to the bottom where I'd end up broken (or deeply embarrassed at the very least).

I had to go buy myself a Slurpee to recover.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! I enjoyed your description! Melissa