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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

Have a ball!
A few of those 759 photos I pulled off my camera were of the kids at tennis lessons. I thought I'd share a few here. They sure look like they were having fun.

We started tennis lessons with my mother's rackets. She played in high school, so at least a couple of those rackets were nearly 55 years old! The instructor took one look and said, "Where'd you get these things?" I had no idea tennis rackets had changed so much. Munchkins #1 and #3 each ended up buying their own new rackets. Munchkin #2 is still waiting for that perfect racket to come along. I believe she's holding out for a shiny green one. She borrowed her brother's new racket for lessons.

I was extremely impressed with Coach John. He had five classes of kids in a row starting with 4 & 5 year olds at 8am. By the end of the first set of classes he seemed to have every kid's name down. I was impressed. He had a great manner and apparently endless amounts of patience. Best of all, he seemed to really enjoy himself. I know my kids sure respected him, and they learned quite a lot about tennis, as well.

Lesson were 4 days a week for three weeks. I knew it was worth it when the kids jumped in the car on the last day saying, "I'm going to do that again next year!" I'm kind of hoping the schedule will work out where I can take lessons next year, as well.

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