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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hubby's Birthday and I'm Working... Wah!

But it's 8:47 and I'm done now. From the sounds of silence in the house, however, I think the whole family has left for a morning walk without me.

The months of July and August always seem to be a little on the busy side for us. I don't really mind it. It's nice to have an agenda once in a while, and I think it reminds me to appreciate the rest of the year when things move at a more relaxing pace for us.

This month, however, I set myself up for a marathon. The kids committed to taking three weeks of tennis lessons. It's been very worth-while, since tennis is a game you can play for life and neither the hubby nor I know enough about it to really make it fun for them. So we've been off to tennis lessons four mornings a week, which means getting up at a set time, getting breakfast on the table (they are usually pretty self-sufficient when it comes to breakfast, but we've gone to preparing breakfasts together just so everyone can get through lessons without running out of energy for this stretch). I much prefer everybody being free to eat on their own time and at their own pace, but nobody is complaining, and everyone seems to be having fun.

In addition to the tennis lessons, however, these are the weeks leading up to the 4-H fair. I've felt like we've done well this year. We've been working on projects all year long, but still it feels like we've had a pretty heavy list of things to complete. Lots of finishing... rugs were made, but still needed trimmed. Many projects were nearly done, just little details needed attending to. Many projects were worked on, but the actually project for the fair was not beyond the planning stages. So we've been working away at that list, as well. It has certainly been a couple of weeks of focus and energy.

To top the already busy July, I landed a short-term writing gig that I simply couldn't refuse. Gotta ride those waves when they happen. Of course, alongside this new job, a couple of my regulars have kicked in with continuing projects, as well. It's been fun. My work hours are completely out of whack... been burning the early morning AND the late night oil and probably relying on stuff like coffee and chocolate way more than I should be.

Life is good. And I'm enjoying the adrenaline rush. But man am I looking forward to a morning to sleep in.

I've finally created a lull for myself today, so we are off to celebrate hubby's birthday. Not entirely sure what is on the agenda today, but it does involve cheesecake.

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