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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How do I know she's related to my mom?

Class Champion, Level II, Clothing Construction

We have one proud kiddo!

I'm pretty sure the gene for sewing skips a generation. My mother was an extremely skilled seamstress, and all of my kids seem to really enjoy fiber crafts and sewing. Middle Munchkin selected her pattern and this material and, with the help of the very skilled and talented Barb Say, she made this lovely dress.

All kinds of 4-H projects were judged today, starting with Middle Munchkin's dress at 10am this morning. This is my kid who really enjoys talking with the judges. She says, in fact, it's her favorite part of 4-H. She also showed crochet projects, photography, weaving and rug making.

Little Boy showed his photography and rug, and my oldest showed photography, weaving, spinning, rug, and her scrapbook (made from homemade paper and pin hole camera pictures).

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