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Thursday, July 24, 2008


5:37 am - Determined that I can avoid learning today if I stick to topics for my morning's work that I already know everything about.

5:45 am - Forgot. Learned something about banking fees in the UK.

6:03 am - Forgot. Learned something about the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

6:04 am - Decided I needed to postpone my celebrating until afternoon since a) there's truly not enough information already stored up in my head to write all these articles, and b) I'm on a deadline.

9:37 am - Took a break to remind the kids (who were just getting up) that today was Learn Nothing Day and that they should certainly take advantage of this opportunity to... learn nothing.

They looked at me like I was a total moron.

10:41 am- Took a break from working to find a brownie. Caught Munchkin #1 online. She assured me she was learning nothing... important anyway.

11:02 am - Needed another brownie (just a small piece). Caught Munchkins #2 & 3 playing 5 state rummy, but they assured me they were making a point to learn nothing about states. Nothing at all.

1:27 pm - Took a break. Caught Munchkin #3 explaining to Munchkin #2 how ancient Egyptians used water wedges to break marble. I raised my eyebrows and told him it looked like he might be trying to sabotage his sister's celebration of the day. With a sad shake of his head, he declared, "I hate this day!"

2:53 pm - Received 10 minute lecture from Munchkin #2 on the futility of a day designated for learning nothing.


On a separate note, I picked up the camera today to document some of our "not learning" and was informed my memory card was full. That's right. 759 images on my card. How on earth that happened, I can't guess. I am uploading them right now, but may wait until tomorrow to look at them so as not to learn what my kids have been doing to fill my camera so full! ***


I hope to provide more complete and thoughtful commentary on learning nothing later today. There's lots of stuff percolating inside my head.

... Just so you can't say you haven't been warned.

***addendum: I couldn't wait. It wasn't the kids that filled my camera. It was me! All me!


Anonymous said...

I read your post but had already learned a few things yesterday, so I will celebrate today. I promise I will learn nothing.
I loved the "what I really need is a blow torch" a few posts back. LOL


David and Stephanie Mitchell said...

Oh gosh i had such a great laugh. thank you - I have got to celebrate this day next year with my kids